Below are the event services that we offer. Please take a look at each collection , and let us know which one resonates with you! 

Wedding Collections


Collection One

This package includes all aspects of your event, from planning, budget, and aesthetics. We establish your personal style into your wedding and assist you in making the right decisions on vendor selections.


We are in constant communication on how to execute your vision. We start from A to Z in this planning process such as budget and vendor management, inviationation etiquette, timeline for planning process and timeline for the day of event. This package works well for couples who have demanding jobs and or busy with life and need someone to step in and take the lead.


10 + months planning 

Collection Two

This package is great for couples who have chosen some of their vendors and have an idea of what they want but need a little more hands-on help in finishing it. We collaborate on design ideas, and create the vendor team that's perfect for your aesthetic. This allows specific areas that we can assist you on if you’re stuck. We can negotiate on your behalf for vendors. We have timeline and 

Our most popular package! 

6 + months planning 

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Collection Three

This package is great for couples who have already chosen their vendors and venues and want to relax on their actual day! We connect a couple weeks prior to go over the timeline and what our roles are. We do vendor management and make sure everything is good to go.


2 months planning 

*vendors and venues must already be booked*