I'm Khatera, the owner & boss lady of Events by Khatera. I love being a small part of the couple's story, and feel so blessed that my couples entrust me to run their big day seamlessly and beautifully as possible. Hearing about  my couple's love stories, their proposal, reminds me every time why I love what I do. 

A native of Northern Virgina, I've been planning & coordinating events on both coasts and everywhere in between for over ten years. My job keeps me on my toes & takes me on crazy adventures near and far. 

After graduating from George Mason University with a degree in public relations, I started working at PR firm in DC, and eventually worked in the hospitality field where my passion for events solidify my path to be a planner. Events by Khatera was born after many years of working on different events through out the DMV area. 


A story of sound 

Khatera was born in Afghanistan and six months later, her family fled to India because the war broke out. She and her family lived in India for a year before seeking refuge in the U.S. When she arrived at her new home in the U.S., her family discovered that Khatera suffered severe hearing loss because of German Measles she contracted while living in India. 

At just two years old, she was fitted with her first set of hearing aids. Khatera not only had to learn to talk like any child learns at that age but simultaneously had to learn to take cues and read lips. At such a tender age, she learned to utilize her other senses to compensate for the loss of hearing. Her sense of sight has turned several of her ideas and dreams into beautiful realities, which has served her well professionally.