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Weddings that celebrate vibrant fusion 

Weddings are naturally all about fusion. A coming together of two lives, two families, and two cultures. Afghanistan meets Syria, Pakistan meets Germany, Iran meets Egypt. Sound complex? It doesn't have to be. You've got a pro in your corner who specializes in Middle Eastern and South Asian multicultural weddings. Sound specific? It is, but so are you. And you need a planner who gets that. 

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Wedding planning that meets you where you are

Looking for an expert to take care of every nuance, and all the specifics in between? I've got you covered. organized most of the planning but want to collaborate with a pro for the final steps? Babe, there's a package for that. Rocked all the details on your own but looking for someone to coordinate day-of? I'll take it from here so you can take over the dance floor. Trying to bridge diverse cultures and keep everyone happy? Get ready bishes, this is where I come in. 

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New world chic meets old world roots 

Sure, my tendency to overcommunicate, my super organized personality, and years of experience and training in event management all come in handy. But what really sets me apart from the rest of the wedding planning crowd is that I get you. 


From my family immigrating to the US when I was a toddler to memories of my grandmother reciting Farsi poetry as we ate together, my Afghan heritage is woven deep into my identity. An identity I’ve merged with modern American culture. I’ve learned to recognize the possibilities in combining two diverse backgrounds, the magic in blending traditional with contemporary, and the beauty in fusion. And lover, your roots are a beauty worth celebrating.



Call me if you’re ready to toast in style
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